Seas0npass Updated To Untether JailBreak Apple TV On iOS 4.4.4

Seas0npass which is one of the popular JailBreaking tool for the Apple TV has been updated to support iOS 4.4.4. In addition to it, it is now an untethered JailBreak which doesn’t need the help of a PC/Mac once the device is rebooted. All the credit goes to the iOS hacker, Pod2G who first released an iOS 5.0.1 untethered Jailbreak and helped the team on Lion’s share network. 

At the same time, the team behind Seas0npass also wishes a Happy New Year to all their users. The have also made a list of the plugins which are currently working on Apple TV, firmware 4.4.4. They includes Couch Surfer,, Media Player, NitoTV, Overflow, Remote HD, Rowmote, RSS Feeds, Weather and XBMC. The only non-working plugin they have notified about is Plex.

Let’s know if you have any issues in performing the untethered JailBreak of Apple TV on iOS 4.4.4. Also, let’s know if we have missed any other plugins which are not mentioned above. You can download Seas0npass from the links below:

Seas0npass: Windows, Mac

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