Legendary iPhone Hackers Engaged in Finding Untethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S & iPad 2

For the first time in the history of iOS community, all legendary hackers including @Planetbeing, @MuscleNerd, @P0sixninja are engaged in finding an untethered JailBreak for A5 devices. The iPhone hacker, Pod2G has gathered them all at once place to work as a team on the exploit which he has found for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. 

Pod2G earlier told that he has been finding ways to distribute the untethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S & iPad 2 which could be expected in a week. This happened because the exploit he had found relies on a developer account that needs to be unlinked. All those hackers mentioned above are one of the top most hackers in iOS community who has contributed a lot since JailBreak scene came into action.

Let me tell you the contribution of each and every member. @planetbeing is the first person behind iPhone 4 unlock through a software called ‘ultrasn0w’ which is being used till now by preserving baseband. @MuscleNerd is the leader of The DevTeam who is known for releasing a tethered JailBreak for A4 devices with his own developed tool and first ever software unlock. @P0sixninja is the team leader of Chronic DevTeam.

@P0sixninja has been a partner of Pod2G for the iPhone security research for many years. When we have the best iOS hacking team in the world, i don’t think anyone could ever stop them to find an untethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. It seems that Pod2G will be able to live up to the ETA which he has given on twitter. Undoubtedly, something amazing is planned ahead for the JailBreakers.

We will keep you updated with more information. Stay tuned!