Pod2G Finding Ways To Distribute iPhone 4S Untethered JailBeak, Relies on Developer Account

Pod2G has updated his blog with the FAQ that why he is unable to release iPhone 4S & iPad 2 untethered JailBreak for now. According to him, the exploit which he has found relies on developer account. Once Pod2G figured out a way on how to to unlink the exploit with his developer account, he would release it publicly. This is the reason why MuscleNerd haven’t come up with any remedy yet.

Some people might think that why hackers haven’t released even a tethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2? Pod2G also answered this question. He said that the tethered JailBreak also relies on an exploitable vulnerability which needs to be found. The Corona was handy due to a tethered JailBreak that was present for the A4 devices.

Pod2G has already informed on twitter that he has been lucky enough to find an untethered JailBreak for A5 devices and we can expect it in a week. Also, you should save SHSH Blobs using TinyUmbrella on iOS 5.0.1. We will let you know when untethered JailBreak will be out. The exploit would be vulnerable even if you update to iOS 5.0.1. So, you can do it without worrying about anything.

Are you waiting for the JailBreak?