PlanetBeing Resolves Sandboxes Issues, Untethered JailBreak For A5 Devices Will Not Be Released For Developers

Pod2G has informed over twitter in a reply of MuscleNerd that the special thanks also goes to @planetbeing, who is being a part of a legendary team has resolved the sandbox issues with the help of its code and research. However, @Planetbeing is not seen on twitter from sometime since has released the first ever iPhone 4 software unlock which still works after preserving baseband using Redsn0w or Pwnage tool.

Pod2G has also said that he wouldn’t be giving his untethered JailBreak for A5 devices to developers for the testing purpose. This time, he wants to make it a bit more secretive. We think that Pod2G is doing right by not distributing it among developers which would prevent any kind of leaks. He once told that the exploit is also related to his developer account that needs to be unlinked. There should certainly be a reason for him to take this step.

This is definitely an indication towards some more progress over the distribution of untethered JailBreak which was expected to arrive in a week. Every iOS hacker is contributing to help @Pod2G release an untethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. In addition to it, Saurik, who is actually not a part of the team, but contribute in his own way has helped others to show a progress in implementing  the exploit.

We will keep you updated. Stay tuned!