Tutorial – How to set up UniAW5.0 Lockscreen

Apparently, we have found out that many of you are having problem in setting up the UniAW5.0 theme. So, i have decided to write a tutorial which will help you in setting up the theme. Follow the steps below:

1. Download the zip file from here.

2. Extract the file and place the file which has same name as the zip file in the var>stash>themes folder using diskaid or anything you have.

3. Put the theme above every other theme in winter board, apply and then do respring.

4. To change the weather to your city go to main theme>set up>config.js. Open that file with wordpad and look for var locale. Find your city code on http://weather.yahoo.com/ and paste it there.


  • You need clock hide tweak from cydia to hide ios clock.
  • This slider does not contain slide to unlock. So if you want slide to unlock to change please download another theme which has it. (The slide unlock in the pic is of theme legacy)
  • This lockscreen requires constant internet connection. So its of no use if you don’t have it.
  • All credits to Ian Nicoll, Max Pain, Dacal and Bluemetal for this awesome lockscreen.
If you are having any issue please comment below. And if you like the widget, don’t forget to donate to the creator via PayPal to nicoll55@yahoo.com as it took lots of his precious time to make this cool widget.

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