Belfry via Cydia Lets You Add Weather, Clock, Compass, Stock & Voice Memos Applications To iPad

When you buy the iPad instead of an iPhone/iPod touch, you get all the application working on your tablet which are meant to work on an iPhone or iPod touch. May be, some of them got pixelated due to the fact that they have never been optimized for the 9 inch display. However, some of the native applications like Weather, Clock, Compass, Stock and Voice are missing from the iPad. Don’t worry, Belfry via Cydia lets you port all of them from one single tweak. 

Belfry via Cydia is an entirely free tweak and doesn’t causes any damage to your system file nor any crash. While installing the package, it might seem a tad small, but once the installation has started, you would feel that it would take much longer. So, it is preferred to have enough battery which shouldn’t interfere until the process is completed. During the installation, it makes a space for cached memory, shared cache and other things. It seems that the developer has tried hard to port them into iPad from iPhone or iPod touch.

If you are wondering that after porting all these application into your iPad, you would also get stocks and weather widgets on it, you are completely wrong. This doesn’t makes it possible for you to do another trick. Also, some of the applications works in 2x mode and not optimized for the bigger display. So, you have to bear them until someone figure out a way. And some of them could appear a bit cluttered.

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