MusicBanners via Cydia Shows Current Playing Song in Notification Center & Banners

There are many tweaks in Cydia which lets you get the complete control of music application inside the notification center. But what if you want to be notified only about the current playing song or when the song is changed? For this purpose, Reyan Petrich has released a tweak called MusicBanners which exactly allows you to do that.

Doesn’t matter if you are on home screen or lock screen, you would instantly get the notification about the current playing song through notification or banner. You can even pull down the notification center to know about the info of the song. MusicBanners would be installed in the form of a tweak where no icon would appear on the springboard nor in settings.

 Open Cydia, search MusicBanners and install it. Let’s know in the comment section what do you think about it? And if you have any better alternative, shout out now!

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