Apple is The King Of Smartphone World, Again!

Just when we get to see various statistics pointing out to iPhone sales, we get to hear the best news for Apple and iPhone in particular. Apple regained the top spot in smartphone market leading the pack.

IDC report claims that Apple shipped a whooping 37 million iPhones last quarter ousting Samsung which shipped an impressive 36 million smartphones. IDC also claims that the smartphone growth has been explosive with a rise 61.3% compared to last year, 2010. Demand for smartphones is going strong, and IDC predicts one out of every three phones would be a smartphone by end of 2012.

Apple and Samsung account to the major rise in smartphone segment. Both the manufacturers are battling it out in every aspect possible, from smartphones to tablets, from advertisements to patents, in every aspect possible. Though Samsung managed to pip out apple by a mere 0.8 million in sales over the year 2011 its still a uphill battle for both manufacturers.

Its a whole different story for Nokia which posted a heavy decline in smartphone sales. HTC and RIM posted a mixed set of results showing improvements in some areas only. Let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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