Review: Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD For iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Inspired from iPhone, Apple gave us the best iPod ever. You love listening to your favourite tracks and scrolling through the beautiful album art in coverflow. But the in-box Apple earphones takes away most of the fun. They have a flat sound with terrible bass. But then we hardly change them because of the in-line mic, which lets you make/receive calls and also supports track playback options. So here i am reviewing  a pair of headphones you might consider investing in,  Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD.

Deisgn & Comfort  : Solo HD are over the ear head-phones. They feature one of the most stylish design out there. They make a style statement being wrapped around your neck.The headphones are designed in such a way that they adjust to sit comfortably on your ears The leatherette cushion pads are avery comfortable and do a very good job of noise-insulation (more on this later).

 The headphones are very light weight and this Headband is metal re-inforced. So one should not worry about them breaking-up. Also, the headphones are comfortable for a constant listening of around 2 hours after which you  might feel  little strain on your ears. They close in a 30 fold design which makes it easy to carry around in the included travel pouch.

Sound : After you get over the sexy design, your next question could be – How do these sound? So let me tell you, these headphones are not going to be loved by all. Put these on and you will be amazed by the fact that how well the cushions reduce the noise outside. The headphones have astounding Bass. The mids and high are also pretty good, but its the bass which will impress you.

Put on any R&B song or any Trance/House music and you will know what i mean. Since they are on-ear headphones they offer a great soundstage. But put on some Jazz tracks or Rock and these headphones wont impress you much. The simple reason being the Bass muffles the vocals. The high notes tend to sound a little heavy. But overall you would be pleased with the experience.

Accessories : The headphones come along with a great package. It comes with a Neo-prene pouch to carry your beloved in the backpack securely and a micro-fibre cloth. The headphones also come with two audio cables manufactured by Monster. One is standard 3.5mm goldplated audio cable and the other one features Control-talk.

Control-talk on these Headphones lets you make and receive calls freely from the in-line mic. They also let you do online chat through Skype, Facetime on your iPhone or iPod touch. It also has the click-button which lets you control playback option.

iPhoneHelp Verdict : At 200$, Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD falls into the premium headphones category. We do recommend these for the amazing design, the comfort and the kick-ass Bass.  Let us know what you think about these headphones in the comments section.


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