Apple TV is Out Of Stock, Hints Towards A Refresh?

It’s another year and probably Apple would refresh the Apple TV as well in addition to other products. Interestingly, 9to5Mac reports that Apple TV is out of stock at many places. It reports that folks at BestBuy are unable to pre-order the further stock which is usually an indication towards the refresh. Also, several other customers can’t order it from various sites such as Amazon, Target, Wall-Mart etc.

¬†The source said that a person tried to order Apple TV, but we have no stock at the moment. Even if you try to pre-order the stock, the product ordering system fails. This happens when a certain product is discontinued from the Apple’s inventory system. However, the product was used to be listed as ‘currently available’ if any more stock is expected. It shows that things are not normal.

Apple is expected to refresh the iPad 3 in March followed by iPhone 5 in July. If we simply assume the schedule of previous years, it should be refreshed during the same interval. Anyways,  evidences of an Apple TV being tested by Apple on iOS 5.1 beta have appeared earlier. Are you looking forward for an Apple TV update? What features do you expect?

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