NCControl via Cydia Makes Your Notification Center Transparent

Have you ever wanted to use the application even when the notification center is pulled down?  NCControl via Cydia is a tweak developed by Ron Melkhior that makes your notification center completely transparent. Just pull the notification center down and what you would be able to see is the transparent widgets such as Weather or Stock.

If you want to use any function in the application which is not covered with the notification in the notification center, you can use it with the help of this tweak. Again, tweaks never add any icon on the springboard. So all you need is to do is to install NCControl from Cydia and use it instantly. The changes would occur only after the respiring of the device.

NCControl is available in Cydia for free under BigBoss repository. That’s why, no extra repo should be added. Just search it manually in Cydia after refreshing all your sources once. Let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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