WSJ Confirms About Apple March Event, iPad 3 To Support LTE On AT&T Networks

Previously, a report from AllThingsD had suggested that Apple could unveil iPad 3 in the first week of March. Now, WSJ sources have confirmed about the event. Also, they added that the next generation iPad would support LTE. However, there’s still no confirmation if other networks such as Sprint & T-Mobile would get the iPad or not.Earlier, Bloomberg sources claimed that iPad 3 would have a quad core processor, retina display and an LTE capability. Few months ago, before the launch of iPhone 4S, LTE micro-sim and a setup was spotted in AT&T HeadQuarters. It might have been setup for the testing purpose of next generation iPad. Till now, there’s no device available from Apple to support faster LTE networks. And this could be the right time to kick it off.

Anyhow, many countries across the world haven’t yet rolled out their LTE facilities yet. So even if Apple comes up with an LTE iPad, many people across the world wouldn’t be able to enjoy these services. Though, Apple always pickup things which are on uprise and LTE is surely one of them. Let’s know what do you think about all of these rumors in the comment section? We would like to hear from you.