Apple Will Use An Explicit User Permission For Contact Data Access in Upcoming Software Update

When people came across the fact that Path application for iPhone had loaded the whole of the users contact information on their servers, it became a really hot topic for the discussion. Many people called it the violation of their privacy and some even trusted the developers because the contacts were not misused by Path in anyway. However, Path did apologies through a blogpost later.

As we all know that Apple takes our privacy very seriously. Even after the discovery of location services, Apple instantly tighten up the security to another extent. Unfortunately, this behavior of application to access the contacts without notifying the user is nothing new. Many applications such as Foursquare does this often. It’s just that Path came into the limelight for the first time.

After the open letter of U.S. lawmakers, the issue has been admitted by Apple. Due to which a statement came from Tom Neumayr, an Apple spokesperson who said that any application which access the contacts explicitly without user permission is against the guild lines. As Apple has done this before with location services, customers can expect a software update addressing the same issue.

Users would get the notification for the approval if any application tries to get the access. Now, it’s almost confirmed that iOS 5.1 would have one of those fixes in addition to battery issues and Siri language support. Are you satisfied with Apple response? Let’s know in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.

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