Leaked Images Of iOS 5.1 Pre-GM Reveals A New Camera Control From Lockscreen & Siri Japanese Support

It is widely expected that Apple would take a tad more time before it could release iOS 5.1 for public. In the meantime, several betas are expected which would address many bug fixes and features. Some of these bug fixes include an ability to grant permission explicitly from the user before accessing the address book and Japanese Siri support. BlogdoiPhone reportedly got hands-on with iOS 5.1 pre-GM which can be confirmed from these leaked images.

According to the blog, Apple has integrated a new way to get control of the camera from the lock screen. Despite of tapping the home button twice and then pressing the camera icon, you would get the access instantly by swiping it above. Also, the blog notes that the camera icon remains visible all the time, so that you don’t need to double tap the home button for it to appear. Moreover, the Japanese language support for Siri was present as well.

Few days ago, a rumor suggested that iOS 5.1 would arrive on March 9 which probably lies after the announcement of iPad 3. If this is the case, then iPad 3 would come pre-loaded with iOS 5.1. This would make it non-vulnerable to the current JailBreak for A5 devices. Anyways, what other features do you think would come with the release of iOS 5.1 other than them? Let’s know in comment section.