[How To] Get Shortcuts that save time on an iPhone Part 1

iPhone is a great price of hardware. However, as with any mobile, there are ways to make your tasks even easier than they already are. I have scourged the net to find the best shortcuts for your beloved iOS. Read on. These will surely come in handy:
The website doesn’t have .COM ending? No sweat.

Not all websites have the generic .com endings. Many have .Net, .Org etc. Now when one encounters such websites, should you type the three alphabets? NO.

Simply long press the .com on the virtual keyboard & you will be presented with alternate endings .org, .net, .edu, and more. The same is helpful even while typing out an email.

top level domains
End of Sentence.. Simply Double Tap Space-Bar

I sheepishly agree that this shortcut was learnt from my BlackBerry. Double tapping the spacebar will instantly add a Period at the end of the sentence & auto-capitalize the first alphabet that appears.

Enter punctuation mode quickly
Hold any of the Punctuation Marks longer & similar options for that punctuation will appear.
curly quotes
Enter Special characters quickly
Same is the case with Special Characters. Simply keep the Alphabet pressed & special characters matching closely with the alphabet will appear.
Caps Lock? Double-Tab Shift Key

If you want to shout at someone in CAPS, then simply double-tap the Shift Key & you will have Caps Lock. Simple. However, for this to work, you need to ensure that Enable Caps Lock is turned ON in the Keyboard section of the General Settings.

There is additional shortcut about Capping a single Alphabet. Simple place finger on the Shift Key & Slide to the Alphabet that needs Capping!

Delete Text Faster? Hold the Backspace Button.

If you intend to delete a lot of text, simply keep the Backspace key pressed. The speed of deleting will increase gradually. Hence be careful, you might end up deleting more than you bargained for!

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