Microsoft Office For iPad To Hit App Store Soon, Project Completed [Photo]

Even before the existence of this photo, there were rumors that Microsoft would release MS-Office for iPad. But none of the source were pretty much sure due to the unavailability of a proof. Today, the daily has posted a photo of MS-office running on iPad which makes the release imminent in coming days. According to them, the project has been completed and the application will be submitted for the approval.Undoubtedly, since the rumors came up, people have been desperately waiting for MS-office for the world’s most popular tablet. Despite the fact that there are plenty of alternatives around, when it comes to edit files of the extension .doc, .ppt, .xls etc, people tend to prefer quick office or docs to go from the App Store. And these applications are really expensive. This could be one of the reason why MS-Office won’t be popular due to its lateral entry.

Microsoft need to offer something significantly  different which would differ it from other applications on App Store. Needless to say, there are always hopes with the official applications. Of course, one of the key feature would include the support to edit the files online which would constitute a skyDrive support. Anyways, SkyDrive for iOS is already available for iOS to compete with Apple’s iCloud service.
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