QuickMailer Lets You Compose Mails On Mac OS X In Jiffy

Composing mails constitute as one of the major chores we perform while using our computers. Smartphones and tablets do let us check and be up to date with our mails when they arrive. But we mostly choose to reply to most of them from the comfortable screens of our laptops/computers. Also we do multi-task a lot while using our Macs like listening to music, composing a document or even surfing the web. So opening of the default Mail.app to just send a quick mail in the middle of a movie or while writing a doc really feels like a chore. Precisely, we all hate to launch a full blown mail app just to fire a quick message. Dont we?

Recently featured on Mac App Store Rasmus Porsager and Anders Myrup’s QuickMailer feels gift from heaven. The nifty mailer sits discreetly in the menu bar and waits for a keystroke combination to activate. Once activated an elegant and clean mail compose window drops down with the an Address, Subject and Body Fields along with a preferences and Send option. It also gives an option to attach files enabling you to send that song you downloaded or picture you edited in a snap. The Mail works with Mail.app and and looks up previous recipients to provide auto-completion. It can also remember the fields for the next mails. A pretty handy feature, i must say.

Retailing at $0.99 in  Mac App Store the program is completely bang for its buck. It’s a real time saver and i recommend the program completely. Let us know how you liked the application in the comment section.

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