iOS 5 Security Flaw Allows Anyone To Access Your Camera Roll Pictures

Apple seems to be having a lot of security holes to patch in their upcoming iOS update. The latest security flaw which has been discovered allows anyone to access your Camera Roll without asking for a password. The hack is pretty simple and has been tested on the iPhone 4, though it can be assumed to be present in older generation devices as well.

The flaw was discovered by people at iPatch, the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch repair specialist in U.K. A video demonstration has also been provided by them.

The flaw can be exploited by anyone having access to the iPhone’s battery. The iPhone 4/4s having pentalobe screws are thus the easiest to crack open. To access the Camera Roll all one needs to do is open the two screws at bottom and slide open the battery cover. This lets anyone circumvent the user passcode and access the pictures stored in Camera Roll. The trick does not give access to all the albums saved in the phone but only the Camera Roll which is where most of the user taken pictures are.

The process though simple to perform is not gonna be a cause of worry for many as not many people are going to take so much pain to access just the Camera Roll provided the iPhone does not belong to any Celebrity or Public figure.

Previous to this guys at iPhoneIslam had discovers a flaw where one could open the without the set password and gain access to Contacts and also make calls. Another flaw unfolded when the app Path uploaded the user contacts on their servers without any permission.

Most of these flaws are reported to Apple and we believe they are going to fix most of them in the upcoming software update iOS 5.1.


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