CydiaBulletin For iPad is Coming Soon [Picture]

Undoubtedly, Ryan Petrich is one of the known developer in iPhone hacking community. He has developed so many amazing tweaks for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that makes his contribution admirable. Starting from iPhone, CydiaBulletin has reached to one of the most selling tablet in the market, iPad. Now, you would be able to know the available updates on Cydia in the notification center on iPad itself. 

CydiaBulletin is really handy if you want to keep yourself updated with the applications that have been recently updated on Cydia. These updates would be of the apps which have been already installed on your device. It includes tweaks and themes as well. Suppose, if you have installed Belfry via Cydia. In future, if it receives any update, CydiaBulletin would instantly inform you even if you don’t open Cydia to check about the update. Also, the notification remains in the notification center until and unless you clear it out.

The developer has not yet provided any ETA for the release. But through the screenshot, it is expected that CydiaBulletin would hit the Cydia very soon. If you love CydiaBulletin on your iPhone, we assume that you would prefer it on iPad too. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.