LowPowerBanner via Cydia Turns Low Power Alerts into Banner Notifications [Tweak]

Isn’t it annoying when you are playing a game on your iPhone or iPad and an alert notification appears in between? Yes, we have a solution for you. Recently, a tweak called LowPowerBanner has come up in Cydia which lets you turn these low power battery notifications into Banner notifications. With the help of this tweak, you won’t need to feel any disturbance while playing a game. It is a well known fact that banner notifications are most acceptable than alert notifications. Even before the release of iOS 5, Apple had implemented alert notification on an iOS device. Even if you are doing an important work, these alerts tend to appear instantly. And there was no way to keep them aside. Perhaps, one had to dismiss them for the work to be continued. This led Apple to embed a notification center into their mobile operating system. However, they missed the banner notifications for the low battery power.

Whenever the battery is 20 or 10% low, an alert notification is generated from an iOS device. Unfortunately, there’s no other way for you to disable them from the settings. You are bound to live with those alerts when the battery drains. LowPowerBanner via Cydia lets you turn them into banner notification for the ease. The tweak is available for free under BigBoss repository.

Download and let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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