iPad 3 May Feature A6 Chip, not A5X [Report]

There have been speculations from various sources that Apple would include a quad core processor in the next generation iPad. In fact, some even found evidence in iOS 5.1 beta where Apple was testing the quad core processor on iPad 3 & Apple TV 3 as well. According to the ongoing trend, the next chip from Apple should be named ‘A6’, but a report suggested that it would be called  ‘A5X’ instead.After the intense search into the system files of iOS 5.1 beta, 9to5Mac have discovered that Apple had been indeed testing both the chips, A6 & A5X. Unexpectedly, no one was able to find those evidences in iOS 5.1 beta, but 9to5Mac were lucky enough to dig out information about them. We had already informed you about the codenames of A4 & A5 chip and where does A5X and A6 chip settle down.

It could be a possibility that Apple had once used A5X chip in the iPad 3 prototype till the end of December in 2011. However, when 2012 arrived, they discontinued the A5X and began the production of A6 chip to feature a quad core processor. On the other hand, Apple might be getting ready to unveil two different iPad’s, where one would be the minor upgrade and another one would be the actual upgrade of current generation iPad.

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless. Also, there had been rumor about the 8-inch iPad from Apple. Though we feel a bit skeptical about it since Apple’s Late CEO, Steve Jobs clearly told in an earnings call that their team tested all of the tablet sizes before concluding at 9.7″. Anyways, iPad 3 is expected to have a quad core processor, Retina display and an LTE with no revamp in design. Some even believe that iPad 3 could be thicker from edges due to many reasons.

Whatever happens, things would become more clear in the month of March. What do you think? Let’s know in the comment section.

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