[Review] Streamified: Create your own custom feed

Who wouldn’t like to have a summary of articles from all their favourite websites in one place? Streamified for iOS is exactly the app to do that. It helps you in creating your own custom feed according to your own preferences and pool up all the articles as a beautifully created timeline. Originally created as an extension to chrome browser, streamified pooled up a huge set of happy users in a short span which prompted them to release their app for iOS. But is the app equally good enough? Read on to know more.

Streamified aims at adding the interactive and fun factor with great UI to creating your own custom feed. You have various pre-definied categories of streams you can add to your custom feed. Staff Picks, Pinterest, Business, Fashion, Finance, General Interest, Humor, Nature, News, Reddit, Science, Self Improvement, Sustainability, Local, Technology and Webcomics.

Once you create your own stream you can view them all as a menu, you can switch on or off any stream anytime you like.

You can configure various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn to share the articles to. Google+ integration to post articles is not yet provided as it is not supported by Google+ yet. Steamified can read articles from Google+ and show it on your custom feed though.

All the articles are arranged in a neat timeline fashioned showing a floating clock to know the time at which the article appeared on the website.

You can get a bigger summary of the article right from the timeline itself.

Upon opening the article it will show in the whole article as it appears on the website/mobile site.

If you like an article you can bookmark it for easy reference later on.

We loved the way the app is made, its very intuitive, eye candy UI, highly useful but it has its own set of small problems as well. The app is still a lot sluggish which needs a major refinement. Apart from scrolling down the timeline and opening articles all other operations are sluggish. It would have been really useful if we are provided with an option to add our own feeds as well which is lacking in the app as of now. The likes of Zite are using the Reader API provided by apple to show a easy to read article by eliminating all the unwanted stuff. It would have been great if Streamified used that feature instead of showing the web pages directly.

The app received an update on 27th February 2012 but we are still finding many transitions to be a bit sluggish, there is still scope for improvement to get a smooth performance. Even after all these minor hickups we are quite confident that the app has a really good potential.

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