CutYourSim Returns To Unlock iPhone On AT&T Network

This is not the first time since CutYourSim has come into play to factory unlock iPhone on carrier network such as AT&T. History to be told, CutYourSim had unlocked many devices in the past which confirms about their credibility. Unfortunately, due to some unknown reason, the site issued a statement that they wouldn’t be able to unlock any of the iPhone’s in near future. Today, they returned back from the dead to unlock iPhone who are locked on  AT&T networks.CutYourSim is based on a simple principle. Pay the amount and register your IMEI. Within a certain span of time, in this case 5-15 business days, your IMEI would be white listed. It means that you would automatically get the message on iTunes saying that the iPhone has been unlocked. Once the process is completed, the unlocked iPhone can be updated to the latest firmware, without being worried about the loss of unlock again. After then you can use it on any cellular network of your choice in the world.

Technically, there’s no difference between a factory unlocked phone sold by Apple in Apple Stores and the one unlocked by CutYourSim. In both the cases, the unlock would remain forever. Currently, CutYourSim supports iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. We have also recieved some words on twitter from the iPhone hacker, MuscleNerd, who informed that the method has worked for him previously. However, he cannot tell anything about the authenticity of whitelisting IMEIs right now.

Moreover, people should still stick to the well-known retailers. Unknowingly, CutYourSim website has been suspended which might be due to the outrageous traffic. The dedicated amount you would need to pay for the unlock from CutYourSim is $199. Would you prefer CutYourSim over retailers in the market? Let’s know in the comment section. We would like to hear from you on it.