SpeakEvents Reads Out All Your Notifications On iPhone [Tweak]

Ever since the launch of Siri and other voice-assistant apps each one of us has been stuck on the idea of our iPhones speaking to us. Before Siri came into existence,  there have been various Cydia tweaks and apps which called out the Caller-ids or Message Senders name etc. SpeakEvents, recently released tweak by author K3A who does a pretty neat job of satisfying our hunger for iPhone-talking (pun intended).

The tweak once installed gets deep into the notification system on your iOS 5 devices. It can then read out all your notifications like Mail, Messages, Reminders etc. This takes away the need to manually check who the sender of the mail is or the subject. The tweak is highly customisable and this can be done right from your phone’s Settings.app.

SpeakEvents speaks out all your text messages and iMessages including your Mails. Coming to Mail notification, the tweak allows you to choose if you want the body of the mail to be read or not. The tweak also auto-detects the language of the content and reads out the notification in the respective language. A number of languages are supported at the moment with a promise of more in future updates.

In a nutshell let me chalk-out the major features and customisation :

  • Speak out low battery percent notification (10% remaining)
  • Read out messages, iMessages and Mails
  • Every new hour
  • App notifications
  • Multilanguage support (en,de,ru,fe.pl,cz and more to come)
  • Compliments Siri rather than be obtrusive.

The tweak comes with a handy settings option which lets you :

  • enable/disable reading of Messages bodies.
  • Silent Mode Toggle – the notification wont speak out if phone is in silent mode.
  • Applications to be chosen for SpeakEvents to occur
  • Toggle auto-detect for incoming notification language.
  • Allowed Time-range lets you select the timte when the SpeakEvents wont trigger (useful when you are sleeping)

The tweak is available as a free download from the BiggBoss repository. But it requires an activation code to be inserted before it can function. The code is worth AUD $1.99. The device must be jailbroken and should be running on iOS 5 or higher.