Being Google: Envisions Siri Like Search, But Shoots Down Siri

Google’s entry into the mobile market has been immensely successful when it comes to numbers. Android is the flavor of the season and while Google has burnt some bridges going to Cupertino, they probably have got a large enough market in exchange. Android and iOS would keep fighting for supremacy and performance and we would continue to talk about it, but whats interesting is the fact that the competition is not just by releasing products, but also creating hype around it, floating comments about each other and some twisted court room fights. 

Today we hear from Techcrunch that Google is gearing up to launch a Siri competitor called ‘Assistant’. Rumored since long, a voice tool from Google’s isn’t unexpected. The first Google app for the iPhone proudly flaunted voice search but an Assistant? Siri like? Isn’t that something Andy Rubin himself shot down? Thats the case of Google vs Apple. I always believed that Google has attempted to show Apple in bad light or use the ‘open’ argument way too much against Apple to promote Android. And thats preposterous. Rubin’s own words were “I don’t believe your phone should be an assistant,” and look what they are building now!

And before I am blamed for just taking a shot at Google based on a rumored product, lets go back to this interview where Amit Singhal (Google Fellow) describes the Star Trek Googlephone, a phone that is very much on the same lines as Siri.

Innovating is good. A Siri competitor with Google’s vast web knowledge base would be awesome. But as you work to release the same long after your largest competitor has launched it, you don’t go about claiming that they are doing the wrong thing. Dear Google, please fight back with excellence and now just propaganda against Apple.

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