Apple Seeking Settlement of $15 per Android Device in Patent Disputes

With no breakthrough being imminent and rising litigation costs in the long drawn Apple vs Samsung vs Motorola patent issues, Apple finally gave indications that it would like to go for a settlement. As per Dow Jones Newswire Apple is willing to cut deals with its competitors, Samsung and Motorola.

Apple has put some proposals to settle pending litigation in exchange of royalty payments to license its payments. Apple is requesting royalty between $5-$15 per device in atleast one negotiation. But Apple has made it clear that its not getting into a business of royalty and is not willing to  make negotiations with all competitors.  This stance is against Late Steve Jobs stand ‘spend every penny’ to destroy Android.

As per Kevin Rivette, former VP of IP strategy at IBM Apple should seek licence agreements to “lock-down Supply chains” and concentrate on innovations. According to him At this point, it would make more sense for Apple to build an ecosystem that everyone can live in. If you’re going to license, why not go for the big deal where you lock down supply chains, get your technologies broadly adopted and slow down competitors.

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