Apple Already Starts Shipping The New iPad To Customers in US

When Apple announced the new iPad, they also told about the date of launch, that is, March 16. However, the pre-orders started on the same day. As soon as the event ended, people jumped over the Apple site to pre-order their new iPads. Fortunately, those who pre-orderderd have got an email from Apple Store, informing them about the shipment of their device. According to 9to5Mac, the expected date when the device would reach to their doorstep is March 16. But some other people have reported that the new iPad is expected to be delivered before the date of launch. On the other hand, customers in the UK have been told that the delivery date has been pushed back to 20 or 21 March. In the past, Apple has deliberately delivered the device to its customers before the date of arrival. So, it is very likely that the same trend will be revised once again.

To strengthen the claim, the site has posted the photo of the email from Apple Store regarding the shipping and date for delivery. Have you received an email as well? Let’s know in the comment section.

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