Tweetbot For iOS Now Supports Retina Display On iPad

Tweetbot developers have already started updating their applications ahead of the launch of new iPad in US on 16 March. However, many people who pre-ordered the device on the very first day are expected to get it a tad earlier. Interestingly, unlike the iPhone 4, the announcement and launch of the new iPad doesn’t have a significant gap for the developers to get their applications ready for the retina display.Undoubtedly, the new iPad has twice the resolution of the iPad 2. And it could be one of the reason why people would prefer it over its predecessor. Apart from iMovie and iPhoto, Tweetbot is the first application on App Store which has recently been updated to support the retina display on iPad. In addition to it, Tweetbot update also feature various other improvements such as the sound functionality, tweet marker service, double tapping the status bar twice takes you to the last read tweet instead of the top and several other bug fixes.

Whenever you would get your new iPad, you know which applications to download from the App Store to take the advantage of the Retina display. Due to the fact that it not a universal app, you can download Tweetbot for iPad at a price tag of $2.99. Have you tried it yet? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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