Current Situation Of iPad 3 JailBreak From The DevTeam

At this moment, when people in US and several other countries would have lined up to buy their new iPad, DevTeam has decided to give you updates over the current situation of JailBreak. There’s a whole lot more going in the JailBreaking community since the announcement of the iPad 3 and its launch dates. By simply looking at the tech specs of new iPad, DevTeam thinks that it would be just another hit. Here are some of the updates on JailBreak –

1) The method which was found to JailBreak the iPad 2, even before corona, is unexpectedly working on iOS 5.1 as well. This led the DevTeam to give a head start and dump the kernel when they would get the iPad 3 in their hands. Therefore, we could be a bit optimistic about the success in coming days.2) On the other hand, @i0n1c who had posted pictures of JailBroken iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 seem to have found an exploit which is altogether different from DevTeam. Hence, it is difficult to say how things would turn out in the end. There’s also a possibility that the exploit may work into the iPad 3. But this is too early to say anything about it.

3) There’s also a person closed to the Cydia repo scene who has some bits of a JailBreak which is completely different from the above two. If this works, we would be able to save the other important exploits which could be used in upcoming iOS versions.

In addition to it, @pod2g is constantly busy in finding the vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1. Needless to say, he was one responsible for making those legendary hackers work under one roof. His effort and dedication can never be neglected in any way. Now, you can see that plenty of iOS hackers have something to contribute for iOS 5.1 JailBreak which makes it pretty much imminent.

If you get an iPad 3 with a version which is lower than iOS 5.1, do contact iPhone DevTeam. They have stuff to test on it which would help them to implement the JailBreak.

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