Hacker i0n1c Releases A Video of Untethered Jailbreak On iPad 3 Running iOS 5.1

Just yesterday we told you that the Dev-Team have already Jailbroken the new iPad right on the release date. But no release dates on iPad 3 JailBreak have been given yet. Though, here is another big news for all of you waiting for an untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1

Just today the hacker i0n1c uploaded a video of an untethered jailbreak on iPad 3 running iOS 5.1. In the video he shows Cydia running without any hiccup and the Cydia App shows the device information as iPad 3 and mobile operating system as iOS 5.1. To prove that it is an untethered jailbreak, he also rebooted the device twice. He also showed the Real Racing 2 HD game running in full glory. We guess he used the app to show that the AppSync is working fine on the iPad 3.

So we leave for you to watch the video for yourself and count to the day of its launch.


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