Three Different Exploits With Three Different iOS Hackers For The iPad 3 JailBreak

It is not a surprise that many iOS hackers were busy in implementing their pre-existing exploits into the iPad 3. Fortunately, all of them have been successful until now. The first exploit is with the DevTeam who had posted photos of the root access in iSSH/Terminal and the Cydia installed on their new iPad. Another one is with the @i0n1c who was supposedly out of the JailBreak scene once Apple closed his long lasting untethered JailBreak

Not anymore, because he has another exploit for the iPad 3 JailBreak. Similar to MuscleNerd, who is a member of DevTeam, i0n1c also posted photos over twitter of his JailBroken iPad. In addition to both of these hackers, people who are close to the Cydia repo scene, Chpwn with @phoenixdev have also figured out a way to JailBreak the new iPad. As usual, photos have been posted by them on their twitter account. Undoubtedly, if any of these two exploits existed in future, we have a chance to rejoice our JailBreaking days frequently.

Now, it’s up to all of these hackers to choose the appropriate exploit for the moment. Needless to say, rest of them could be reserved for the later use in upcoming iOS versions. If they come up with their separate method for public, Apple would patch them in iOS 5.2 or whatever the next firmware update would be called. Also, there’s a whole lot of work which needs to be done before the JailBreak is  released. And none of the iOS hackers have things arranged in the order yet.

If you own an iPad 3 or new iPad and looking forward for the JailBreak, you should remain on the iOS version with which your iPad has been shipped. Don’t update to any newer firmware until further notice. The JailBreak for iPad 3 is imminent for sure. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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