Misconceptions About iPad 3 Untethered JailBreak

Today, i0n1c, the popular iOS hacker who was the first one to post screenshots of JailBroken iPad 3 has told over twitter that all those exploits present with other hackers are untethered. He also informed that this is an entire misconception that there exists only one untethered exploit among three of them for iPad 3 JailBreak. Moreover, all those exploits present with other hackers are kernel exploits as well.

i0n1c added that the source of this misconception is Redmond pie who posted an article that there exist only one untethered exploit for iOS 5.1. According to him, if there existed an untethered exploit then it is highly likely that that exploit could be used to untether all of the previous devices. Hence, we can expect a release from one of the hackers in coming days. However, none has given an ETA yet. It seems that more work is required for the proper implementation. 

Due to the fact that i0n1c released a video of untethered JailBreak, iPhone bloggers themselves assumed that only one JailBreak is untethered. We are waiting for things to become clear soon. Till then, stay tuned. We would keep you updated once more news drops in. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.