Sparrow Push via Cydia Lets You Enable Push Notifications in Sparrow Application For iPhone

When the long rumored Mac OS X email client called Sparrow made its debut on iPhone, people had lots of expectations with it. But those expectations were broken due to the absence of push notification system. It means that once you have installed the app and your native email app is turned off, there’s no way for you to be notified when a new email arrives in the inbox. You need to open the Sparrow application at intervals to check it out.

The reason is assumed to be the restrictions in Apple API. However, we now have a solution to this problem. Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store, there’s a tweak available via Cydia which allow you to surpass those restrictions and enable the push notification service in Sparrow app for iPhone. The name of the tweak is ‘Sparrow push’ from Kim Streich. To install this tweak, open Cydia, refresh all sources and search for Sparrow push. Here, you don’t need to add any other sources. 

Also, when you reboot your iPhone, the Sparrow push would try to invoke the application automatically, so that the user doesn’t experience issues. There are many other planned features like the integration in notification center and mailto which is a link integration. We might be able to see all of them in the next update of Sparrow Push. What do you think about it? Shout out in the comment section.

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