NCSettings Widget For iPhone Adds Many Attractive Shortcuts in Notification Center [Cydia]

If you wants to add shortcuts in Notification center such as Brightness, Wifi, Sound, Location, Rotation Lock and so on, you can do it with the help of NCSettings widget. Similar to many Samsung Android smartphones, which is an inbuilt feature of TouchWiz, these shortcuts are modest, sleek and attractive. They mix up with the native look of the notification center easily.

According to your needs, you can even turn OFF the shortcuts form the Settings. Also, you can tap and hold on a specific shortcut to move from its default position in the notification center itself. The tweak may resemble with other already widgets in Cydia, but NCSettings has its own aura and charm. From any perspective, we didn’t find it as an add-on from the third-party store. Instead, after installing the tweak, we found it a part of the notification center like Weather and Stock widget.

You should definitely try it out from Cydia under Modmyi repository. It is available for free and could turn out to be one of the must have widget for many people. If you are using it already, let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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