Next iPhone With 4G LTE Could Be Launched in October?

When the iPad 3 is announced, the predictions for the next iPhone have already begun. There is no doubt that WWDC 2012 would happen in the interval of June-July. Similar to last year, Apple could revise its schedule and launch iPhone 5 in October itself. Precisely, WWDC might be software centric for this year as well. There’s a whole lot to be demoed and announced such as the much awaited Mountain Lion and features of upcoming major software update, iOS 6.0.

Nevertheless, the release of iOS 6.0 would decide the launch of iPhone 5. As per the tradition, before the next iPhone with build in iOS 6.0 hits the shelves in Apple Stores, iOS 6.0 should have been available for download all over the world. Perhaps, some feature could be exclusively available only to the next iPhone. Unlike previous year, Apple could discontinue the support for iPhone 3GS which surprisingly still gets all updates of iOS 5.0. However, nothing can be said on it yet.

iPhone 5 is expected to have 4G LTE technology, a nano-sim, a dock connector which would be smaller than the current iOS devices and a screen of the same size. The purpose behind reducing the size of the dock connector is to free up space for the extra stuff. And the nano-sim might lead to an even bigger battery that would make the device thinner and let customers use the device for longer hours.

For now, all we can do is to wait for WWDC 2012 where Apple would unveil plans for its fall cycle. Let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section.