iPhone USB Charging Cable Illuminates & Shows Flow Of Current Depending On Battery Level [Video]

We have recently come across an iPhone USB Charging cable which illuminates when you start charging your iPhone. The manufacturer claims that it even shows the flow of current with the help of that illumination which moves in the direction of socket to dock connector. The speed of the flow of illumination depends on the battery level. It means that if you are on low battery level, the current would be faster.

Once the iPhone would start charging, the illumination would also show decrement in the flow. And as soon as the device is fully charged, the flow of the current would stop. If you need something distinct and attractive, this is something which you should definitely give a try. To know more about the functionality, you can checkout the embedded video. It makes things more clear. Needless to say, we have been impressed with this iPhone USB Charging cable. 

It is available from SockitZ at a price tag of $24.95. This is an Australian based company, so you may need to add an extra amount for the import duty and additional taxes if you are looking for shipping it internationally. In case you want to buy it, the cable is now in stock. Though we have not tried the cable yet, but it surely makes us wonder the engineering used behind this accessory.


Do you already own one? Let’s know your experiences in the comment section.

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