References Of 4G LTE & FaceTime On 4G Network Found in iOS 5.1

Whenever the next generation iPad is announced from Apple, speculations on the features of next iPhone starts. After the introduction of 4G LTE on iPad 3, it is pretty much expected that iPhone 5 would also include the same facility. Recently, an Indian Hacker, Krishna Sagar found reference of 4G LTE on iPhone 4 running on an iOS 5.1. Moreover, similar references were present for the FaceTime on 4G network as well.

Currently, neither iPhone 4 nor iPhone 4S or any of the iOS device supports FaceTime on 3G/4G LTE. The exact reason for this problem is still unknown. But we suppose that Apple didn’t want to degrade user experience of their users on 3G network. Hence, the support was discontinued. Now, 4G/LTE has brought a tremendous change and people can transfer data even at more faster speeds. So the probability for the support increases. 

If you are eager to locate those references on your iPhone 4 in iOS 5.1, just navigate to var/stash/ It hints towards the fact that Apple is already been testing iOS 5.1 on the next generation iPhone or ready to test it in future. Are you waiting for the LTE iPhone? You may need to wait for few more months. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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