Apple VP Explains Why iOS Devices Keeps Charging Even After The Battery is Fully Charged

A lot of people had confusion about the way Apple devices are charged. Just to clear the air, Apple VP, Michael Tchao explained that the new iPad is charged the same way, other Apple devices does. And customers shouldn’t bother about the mechanism, according to a report from AllThingsD. Whatever the case is, you would get 10 hours of battery life in one single full charge. Earlier, there were misconceptions that the new iPad charges only 90% even if it says fully charged.

The way things works has been explained here. Whenever an iOS device is charged 100% and the device remains plugged in, it drain itself automatically by a minute percentage and then charges the battery again way back to full. This is why you need not to worry about any of the iOS device even if you have left it fully charged for hours. This phenomena doesn’t include only the new iPad. In fact, all of the previous devices such as iPhone, iPod touch or other iPads are based on it. Also, it doesn’t matter when you unplugged your device from the charger.

Though, it is common sense that to power up the Retina display which is the highest resolution display on a tablet, the battery has been increased to run for the same duration as that of its predecessor. Therefore, the new iPad takes longer hours for the complete charge in comparison to iPad 1 or iPad 2. The process of draining and then charging up again is not reflected in real life, just to keep the customers away from any type of confusion. However, the same battery life is promised from the company.

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