Improve Accuracy Of iPhone Signals Bars Using A Tweak via Cydia

When Apple launched iPhone 4 in US and other countries, there had been rumors of Antennagate. It means that when you hold an iPhone 4 in a certain way, the signals would start dropping down. Due to which Apple had to call a press conference where they told about the existence of this antenna gate in devices from other vendors as well and offered a Bumper/case to the concerned customers.

However, Apple figured out that they had been using a wrong algorithm to calculate their signals strength. Hence, they worked with carrier partners to improve on that front. But if you want to increase the accuracy further, you have to install a tweak from Cydia called ‘Bars’. Once you have installed the tweak, the signal bars would even show half of the bar if signal strength is present in decimals. According to the developer, the bars are calculated accurately without decoding what an RSS is.

Bars is available for free in Cydia under BigBoss repository. If you have any doubts regarding the accuracy of signal strength on your iPhone , you can definitely give it a shot. Otherwise, we feel that it is not a significant improvement over the top of existing signals bars. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.