Send And Receive Any Files in iMessages Using Attacher Tweak in Cydia

We all know that iMessage is an amazing way to connect to iDevices users seamlessly. But there are some restrictions in iMessage if you want to send certain files. However, those restrictions can be surpassed using Attacher tweak via Cydia. By default, you can send location from Maps, Contact and an image from photos application. Attacher expands the capabilities and let you send or receive any type of file from your iOS device.

To send the file, you can choose the different options available once you have installed the tweak. They includes Dropbox, iFile or Teamviewer. If you select Dropbox from the list, you would be redirected to the native application in order to choose the file to be uploaded for sharing purpose. You can even send the voice memos and rename them from the device itself. Also, listen the voice memos before sending it over iMessage from the settings>Attacher. 

Of course, for any type of file to be opened on iMessage, you need to have the Attacher as well. Otherwise, your device would throw you an error. Attacher can be downloaded from Cydia under Modmyi repository for free. After the installation of the tweak, you need to enable it from Settings. Otherwise, the changes would not reflect. Have you tried it already? Let’s know about your experiences in the comment section.

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