After Android, Handcent SMS Application For iOS is Now Available via Cydia

Truth to be told, there are lots of Android users who prefers Handcent SMS application from the market over the default application. It might be one of the reason for the developers to push it on iPhone as well. Now, the application is also available for download on iOS unofficially, that is, from JailBreak Store (Cydia). Handcent SMS application is known due to its amazing interface on Android, but it seems that the expectations have not been fulfilled on iPhone.

We played with the application for couple of minutes, tried sending and receiving the messages. And figured out that the application is in tad early stages which you can see through the current version – 1.0.0. Sometimes, while navigating inside the Handcent SMS application, it crashed for us. Also, the lags when you flicker inside a specific thread are normal. However, in terms of the functionality  when compared with that of the default application, Handcent SMS application serves the purpose completely.

When you compose any message, you have option to send pictures, sounds, videos, slideshows, contacts, Handcent services and Quicktext. The photo option takes you directly to camera roll or photo library for the selection from various photos. You can even take the pic instantly and send it over an iMessage or SMS. Furthermore, sounds doesn’t let you send MP3 files from the music application. Instead, it allows you send voice memos. Similarly, videos can be attached from the pre-existing camera roll. In addition to it, you can even make your own slide shows from the application itself and send it over an iMessage/SMS.

Handcent services needs a login for the access. And quick text has bunch of texts for the instant reply if you are stuck in a meeting or busy somewhere. Inside settings of Handcent SMS application, you can enable or disable the option for the default application, pop up and notification. It also has an option to customize the background which is found under the conversation settings. You can anytime choose the Android style bubbles for the messages.

Honestly, the Hancent SMS application is not impressive at this point of time. Needless to say, it could be improved in future. You may want to stick with the default messages application for now. What do you think about it? Let’s know in the comment section.

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