Does iPad 3 Really Has A Bad Wifi Reception As Compared To Other Devices?

There has always been rumors that the new iPad from Apple is experiencing some issues with Wifi signal reception. Recently, TabletPCReviews conducted a test where they figured out that the drop down in signals actually exists in iPad 3. According to them, they used a Cisco WRT310N 802.11a/b/g/n single wireless point for all of the iDevices. These iDevices constituted a new iPad, iPad first generation, iPhone 4S and an iPhone 3GS.

As you can see, it covers almost all of the devices from old to new. And the test were performed using the which can be installed from the App Store for free. Though the test was done on the same floor, the distance was incremented after each test to know the problems with Wifi reception. In addition to the distance, they had several walls in between the iDevice and the access point. However, two servers were used in the test. One belonged to Los Angeles which was 32 Miles and another one at Ft. Worth, Texas was 1,175 miles away.

Technically, all of the devices should have calculated the same download speed at various distances. But TabletPCReviews noticed a significant difference, thereby confirming that the rumors were true. To tell you the same, they have made a chart where one can checkout the drop down in Wifi signals in new iPad. On the other hand, iPhone 4S showed 4.14 megabytes per second in comparison to 0.02 megabytes per second from iPad 3.

Do you own a new iPad? Let’s know in the comments section if you have had altogether different experiences.

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