Seas0npass Updated To Support Tethered JailBreak Of Apple TV 2 On iOS 5.1

With the latest update on Apple TV 2,  Apple has brought most of the features of the new Apple TV which offers a redesigned UI, music purchase through iCloud, Genius recommendations and so on. When we have a tethered JailBreak for A4 devices, it was pretty much expected that the support would be expanded for more devices and that includes Apple TV 2 as well. Fortunately, FireCore has come up to release a tethered JailBreak for Apple TV  2 on latest firmware, iOS 5.1.

Similar to all A4 devices JailBroken on iOS 5.1, Apple TV 2 also needs to be attached to PC/Mac once the device is rebooted. But the chances for the same are certainly less because unlike other devices, Apple TV 2 doesn’t have an inbuilt battery for the charge. You need to keep it connected to the power source for the continuous usage. That’s why, you may require to perform a tethered boot of an Apple TV 2 once in a while. Also, there are several plugins which works with the current tethered JailBreak.

They are – Couch Surfer (works), (works), Maintenance (works), Media Player (works), NitoTV (works), RSS Feeds (works), Weather (works), Overflow (not working), Plex (not working), Remote HD (not working), Rowmote (not working), XBMC (not working). Moreover, you can purchase aTV Flash (black) for $29.95. If you have found out anything else which we  missed, let’s know in the comment section. We would definitely add it here.
Link for aTV Flash (black)

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