Sparrow For iPhone Now Supports Integrated Web Browser And More Features

Despite the fact that Sparrow for iPhone was released sometime ago, there was not support for the push notifications. And the reason was assumed to be the Apple restrictions. However, no official words came up from the developer team until now. Today, they have updated the application with some more new features including the support for an integrated web browser. It means that you would not require to navigate to separate application, preferably safari, if you click on some link in an email.


Other features include send and Archive, ability to empty the trash & spam, dock badge preference, show hide labels as well as folders & attach a file while forwarding messages. Although the push notification is not supported yet, but you can use a tweak via Cydia to enable the service. Needless to say, the sparrow team is working really hard to use push notification in their application. Even if Apple has some restrictions in Push API, they are trying to partner with other people to pass it in the next version.

Perhaps, due to this reason, the next version could be delayed. But the users who are eagerly waiting for the support shouldn’t lose hope. With or without Apple consent, Sparrow 1.2 would address some of the must have features. Also, the current version of Sparrow for iPhone has bug fixes, so you should definitely consider updating it. Have you updated it already? Let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section.

Sparrow for iPhone – iTunes link

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