Max Payne Mobile is Now Released For iOS On US App Store

Well, it was already expected that Max Payne Mobile would hit iOS devices on 12th of April followed by an Android version two weeks later. When it’s 12th April in most of the countries, the game had made its way onto the respective App Stores. At first, the game was released in New Zealand App Store and now, it’s available in majority of the countries including United States.

Max Payne Mobile is a shooter game which gained its popularity from the PC and gaming consoles. But it’s assumed that it would conquer the heart of many people the same way it did on other platforms on iOS devices as well. If we simply jump over to screenshot, we would realize that graphics looks really promising and attractive. Also, it supports the retina display iPad from the very first day of its release. So the new iPad users need not to worry about the support and start enjoying the gameplay today in HD.


Priced at $2.99, Max Payne Mobile is a really heavy download. Once you have purchased the app, you would need to download 1.11 GB of data. You should start freeing up the memory on your device, if you are left with the storage size lesser than this. Are you excited about it? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

Max Payne Mobile – iTunes link