Do You Want To Experience Windows 8 Metro UI On iPad? We Have An Application For That!

Even though there’s no tablet available in the market which would let you experience the Windows 8 Metro UI, some developers have come up with a solution to run it on iPad. Yes, this application is fully functional and works flawlessly on the world’s top selling tablet. Don’t worry, this is not a hack or any illegal way. Fortunately, you would be able to turn your iPad into a Windows 8 based tablet using an application called – ‘testbed’.


The only complication is that you would require to connect your iPad with PC/Mac if you want to run Metro UI on iPad. Nevertheless, for the same purpose, you should have Windows 8 installed on the PC/Mac. On PC, the procedure is simple. All you need is do is to boot it up from an image or a bootable disk after burning it on a DVD or Pen drive. Whereas, on Mac, you could use bootcamp or Parallel desktop (if it’s supported) to run it on a partition. The consumer preview can be downloaded from the Microsoft website for free.

All the gesture including Multitasking, Pinch to Zoom, Swipe right to bring the menu, swipe left to switch apps  which works on PC would work on iPad as well. Those developers who develops application for the Windows 8 Metro UI could try out on how their application would look on touchscreen. A helper application is needed to be installed to access the UI from the iPad.

Testbed application is priced at $24.99, but it works absolutely fine if you want to have a Metro UI experience on iPad. For further doubts, let’s know in the comment section. Also, you can checkout the embedded video in the post.

Download from here – iTunes link

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