The New iPad (3rd Gen) with Retina Display Coming To India, 27th April

A year back on April 29, 2011 – Apple released the iPad 2 in India and we saw people lining up outside Apple stores to get one early in the morning. Stocks were in short supply for several months and given the reception the iPad 2 got in India, there is little surprise that Apple has announced the 3rd generation iPad in India.

The new iPad would go on sale from April 27th (2012) across India. Apple upgraded the iPad last month with a new A5x processor, Retina Display and 5MP iSight camera. The new iPad puts on a little weight compared to the iPad 2 and the same is also evident in the pricing for the same.

While the iPad 2 launched at a starting price of Rs 29,500 in India, the 3rd gen iPad would start from Rs 30,500. The slight increase in price is attributed to the weak INR. Currently the iPad 3 is shipping in US within 1-2 weeks and is launching in 12 countries on 20th April and 9 other countries apart from India on 27th April. Clearly, Apple is confident on the supply side this time around.

The pricing for Apple iPad 3 in India

16GB WiFi – Rs 30,500
16GB WiFi + 4G – Rs 38,900
32GB WiFi – Rs 36,500
32GB WiFi + 4G – Rs 44,900
64GB – Rs 42,500
64GB WiFi + 4G – Rs 50,900

The original iPad launched in India at a price of Rs 27,900 (16GB WiFi), the same remains at $499 in US but has surged to Rs 30,500 in India. However the cost of owning an iPad in India remains lower than a latest gen iPhone, which still retails at a healthy premium.

So how many of you would be in line to get the new iPad on 27th April?

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