Google Drive For Mac OS X Exists, May Launch Next Week

Yeah, you heard it right. Google drive for Mac OS X exists. Folks at Techcrunch have been able to download the .DMG file from a link which was provided by a tipster. However, they have no clue when the company has plans to release it for everyone in the world. While Apple has launched its iCloud service, dropbox continues to work for almost every platform whether mobile or PC/Mac, Microsoft has its Skydrive embedded in Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8, Google seems to have pull the trigger for its much awaited drive.

Those people who have downloaded the application haven’t surpassed the login page yet. Whenever they try to login, it throws them with an error which says – “Google drive is not yet enabled for your account”. After digging out into the files, Techcrunch was successful in confirming the fact that the drive includes a native support for Google docs and GDraw. The version which they have downloaded is – 1.0.2891. Even though the version seems free of bugs, the functionality couldn’t be accessed until Google activate it from their end.

It is rumored that Google drive would offer 5GB of storage for free. If Google release their own Google drive, it could turn out to be a great competitor for Dropbox and other cloud services. For now, it’s yet another mystery if it would actually be released as early as next week or not. What do you think? We would like to know your thoughts in the comment section.

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