An iPad Mini Could Launch in Third Quarter To Rival Windows Tablets?

There has always been rumors that Apple could come up with a 7 inch tablet in future. As per the recent report from Kotaku, a chinese portal called NetEase claims that Apple has plans to launch an iPad mini which would cost from $249 to $299. The attempt for a low cost tablet is to rival with the upcoming windows tablet that would appear in the same interval. Also, the site notes that there would be around 6 millions units ready for the initial launch.

For us, it sounds a bit skeptical because even after the launch of iPad 3, Apple has not discontinued its previous generation tablet. Instead, they have reduced its prices so that more people could afford the tablet and experience the post-pc era. However, John Gruber in a blog post earlier said that Apple has an iPad with smaller screen size in their labs. Although he was not sure whether the company has plans to launch it anytime soon or not.

In fact, some Analysts have to say that an iPad mini could dominate rest of the tablet market. Heck, even the new iPad compete with them quite well. If the design is passed and Apple places orders for manufacturing the device, we could expect Pegatron and Foxconn to come into action for the same. Perhaps, one Samsung official informed that Apple is planning to launch smaller version of the iPad to boost the contract with company to $11 billion.

Do you expect an iPad Mini from Apple? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.


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