Update On iOS 5.1 Untethered JailBreak For All Devices

If you were following the recent conversation of @i0n1c and @pod2g over twitter, you would realize that they had been fighting over the free JailBreak and the issue of earning money through donations. Anyways, all this began once Pod2G updated us on the recent situation of iOS 5.1 untethered JailBreak for all devices. It means that the new iPad which is based on A5X would get a JailBreak as well.

According to Pod2g, all those exploits which had been earlier found out by various hackers and iOS developers are ready for the new JailBreak. Currently, he is working on bypassing the ASLR at boot up. However, i01nc had previously demonstrated iOS 5.1 JailBreak in a video, but never made it public. Due to which he had to face many criticism on twitter and people even abused him for the same.

But Pod2g finally cleared the air and told that whatever the thoughts of i0n1c are, we should not insult him for anything. His contribution in JailBreaking community can never be forgotten. Moreover, one of his exploit existed even after three consecutive firmware releases from Apple. Are you waiting for the JailBreak eagerly? Let’s know if you have any doubts in comment section.


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